Tubesteader Eggnog

The Tubesteader Eggnog is a new release by a Canadian builder that prides itself on releasing only pedals with real tubes integrated into their circuit. The first compact pedal in their roster, the Eggnog is a Tweed-style amp in a box with an extra boost and plenty of tone-shaping capabilities thanks to its 3-way EQ section.

Powered by a 12VDC which is stepped up internally to 250VDC, this pedal employs a high-voltage MOSFET as a clean gain stage in front of the 12AX7 tube that’s pushed into overdrive, with the adjustable boost adding more gain to the transistor and therefore pushing the tube harder.

Hear how it sounds in the first demo, below.

Tubesteader Eggnog, Builder’s Notes

The Eggnog is a high-voltage tube overdrive pedal, inspired by the sound of the small Fender Tweed amps built in the 50s.

In this design, a high-voltage MOSFET serves as a clean gain stage in front of the 12AX7 tube and pushes it into overdrive. The Boost footswitch does not activate or bypass the transistor, it adds more gain to it, so the tube is pushed harder. The amount of the boost is adjustable.

The circuit is powered by a 12VDC which is stepped up to 250VDC inside the pedal. True-bypass switching.

A wall-mount power supply is included with the purchase.