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The Tortuga Sasquatch Fuzz is a Silicon diodes take on the Fuzz Face from the late aughts with extra features.

A separate “Anger” circuit, featuring its own footswitch, turns into a crazy noise generator with feedback and loads of overtones.

Here’s the list of control functions:

Holw = Volume
Growl = Fuzz
Hungry/Full Switch = Bass cut filter.

There’s also a Germanium version of this pedal.

View PDF Manual: SasquatchSiManual.pdf

Silicon Fuzz

Sasquatch Silicon ™

The Sasquatch™ Silicon is different tweak on his Germanium brother. The Silicon transistors give it a more aggressive and tighter tone than the Germanium version. The Sasquatch™ Silicon also beautifully cuts through the mix for solos and adds tons of warmth and low-end for everything else. Just like his brother, if you decide to ‘Make Him Mad’ you’ll tap into his freak-out mode which produces gain, feedback and overtones like you’ve never heard before. You can even manipulate the pitch and growl of the feedback with the controls on your guitar. The Sasquatch™ Silicon is the newest monster in the woods. Can you ‘find him’?

All Tortuga pedals can be special ordered with custom graphics at a $30 up-charge. If you have an idea for a custom look, just let me know.