Thorpy FX The Dane

Originally built to meet the tone requests of Danish Pete of The Andertones, the Thorpy FX The Dane evolved into a flexible low gain overdrive + boost pedal that can meet the needs of a wide range of guitarists.

The overdrive, on the left channel, delivers low to medium gain overdrive, while the boost, with its separate footswitch on the right, is super clean sports a very high headroom, and it’s first in the chain, driving the drive.

This configuration allows for three tonal variations at your toe-tips: boost, overdrive and boosted overdrive (when both channels are on), which can produce a full saturation.

Check out the videos of the Thorpy FX The Dane Overdrive.

Thorpy FX The Dane Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

THE DANE is a creation designed to meet the exacting needs of Danish Pete. However due to the design brief needing to cover the wide palette of sounds he uses, the pedal finished up being the most versatile pedal available on the market for such a clean design. THE DANE has two sides – a complex light to medium gain overdrive on the left and a high headroom super clean boost on the right. The pedal is designed so that the boost runs into the drive side. This yields three distinct tonal variations ranging from clean boost all the way through to full and fat saturation. The pedal is also designed to clean up impeccably from your volume control and as such it is ideal for dynamic players who like to adjust their playing style.