Nov 12, 2021

Thorpy FX The Deep Oggin

Lately, creative (and crazy sounding) effect pedals have dominated most “Best of” lists – whether year-end ones or NAMM-related ones. Yet, some more traditional pedals are still able to make the cut just because of how good they sound. Enter Thorpy FX‘s The Deep Oggin chorus, selected by Reverb’s Andy as one of his NAMM 2019 pedal picks.

Designed in collaboration with legendary British designer Dan Coggins of Lovetone Pedals, The Oggins is a fully analog, high-end effect designed to provide a 3 dimensional chorus sounds with a level of versatility to meet the needs of all guitarists. Voiced to recreate a classic lush, vintage sounding chorus, the Deep Oggin can deliver a variety of modulation styles from deep and wet to more subtle and shimmery or vibrato-like tones.

Here are the best demo of the Thorpy FX The Deep Oggin – we added it to our list of the Best Chorus Pedals.

None other than Thorpy himself came to our NAMM 2019 Stompbox Booth to shoot this video of The Deep Oggin (see below)!

See more of our pedal demo shot at NAMM 2019 with 60 Cycle Hum here. We also have a list organized by kind of effect in two pages here and here.