Thorpy 1

The Thorphy FX Heavy Water is a high headroom dual boost pedal builts on a standalone version of the Dane Overdrive‘s boost circuit, multiplied by two and stackable. The second boost circuit (right footswitch presents a slight mod with a grittier character thanks to Germanium diodes

HEAVY WATER is a creation designed to meet the requests we were receiving to release the Boost side of the DANE as a standalone pedal. So not one to disappoint, we went ahead and did just that… but in typical Thorpy fashion it went one step further. Therefore, HEAVY WATER has two sides in one of the smaller sized enclosures – the same high headroom super clean boost from the DANE pedal on the right. On the left we tweaked the boost to provide more volume but with a grittier/dirtier character from the Germanium diodes lurking within. The pedal is designed so that each side can be used independently but they can also be combined to absolutely smash the front end of a valve amp into submission. Subtle, heavy or mental the options within the two sides will astonish.