Thorpy FX Camoflange

After delivering, in collaboration with legendary effect designer Dan Coggins of Lovepedal, the Deep Oggin Chorus in 2018 to widespread acclaim, UK’s Thorpy FX is back at it with another modulation pedal born from the same engineering minds: the Camoflange, an original circuit inspired (at least in part) by the vintage Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress.

The six knobs (Depth, Rate, Treble, Manual, Blend and Harmonics) give the player plenty of room to fine-tune this flanger for any possible sonic necessity, from the subtle to the heavy-handed, while separate dry and wet outputs allow for creative routing options.

While our readers will surely know what the Depth, Rate and Treble knobs do, the Harmonics one adds odd harmonics to the tone, opening up the flanger’s sonic palette, in conjunction with the Manual control. The Blend knob is also particularly useful for circumstances where a more natural and dynamic sound is required, achieved by reintegrating some of the original clean signal.

Here are the videos of the ThorpyFX Camoflange!

The CAMOFLANGE Flanger was designed as a collaboration with DAN COGGINS (Former LOVETONE Pedal designer) as his second modulation pedal design since his Lovetone pedal days. This fully Analog Flanger was designed from the ground up to provide the most incredibly versatile flanger sounds with a level of versatility unsurpassed in analog effects so far.

With controls for Depth, Rate, Blend, Treble, Harmonics and Manual this analog pedal keeps it functionally simple but is a deceptively feature packed beast. For stereo pedal enthusiasts, they will be pleased to know that the Camoflange has both dry and wet outputs. This pedal allows you to deliver an almost unlimited tonal pallet no matter what your mood/style or guitar and amp setup. The premium sound is enhanced through the use of premium components all wrapped in a beautiful custom engineered enclosure.

Each pedal offers the following features:

  • Six knobs to control Depth, Rate, Treble, Manual, Blend and Harmonics.
  • Wet and dry outputs.
  • A beautiful laser cut and laser etched stainless steel enclosure wrapped in a MTO green powder coat base.
  • Engineered to be robust but functional with recessed knobs, sloped front and top mounted jacks.
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input
  • Size: (W)100mm x(L)125mm x(H)53mm