Nov17 LNU TCElectronic AnalogArmada WEB1

Since it was bought by German manufacturer Behringer, a company specializing in quality but low-cost gear, TC Electronic has been releasing a series (or rather, wagonloads) of incredibly affordable analog pedals.

Since the first batch of 12 stompboxes was dropped at the end of 2016, word spread that some models were inspired by old Behringer designs. This concerned some of the (many) TC fans about potentially seeing the future products of the legendary Danish company “cheapened,” but after the releases, in 2017, of a few high-end stompboxes (like the Quintessence), it seems now clear that these more affordable products are bound to coexist with the legacy TC pedals, in a parallel universe – or, rather, market.

Today TC announced another round of 8 releases of affordable, bare-bone stompboxes, nicknamed the “Analog Armada.” They playfully divided them into three categories: Dreadnought Dirt Boxes, Creatures of the Deep and Dynamic Gentlemen.

Since we love to organize things, we made an interactive gallery for each one of them, with each thumbnail linking to the pedal’s official video – have fun!