TC Electronic Flashback II X4 Delay

Notwithstanding TC Electronic, after being acquired by Behringer/Music Tribe, has lost some visibility from the real world (Behringer is famously minimalistic in their marketing efforts), this doesn’t mean that they aren’t quietly working on new pedals…

Their latest is a “4X version” of their flagship Flashback 2 digital delay, featuring 3 pressure-sensitive footswitches with the MASH technology (which let you toggle between delay sounds instantly), new algorithms and 6 presets.

The pedal’s large footprint also allows for the presence of a dedicated Tap Tempo footswitch, which is a handy thing to have (although it doubles as Undo/Redo trigger when in Looper mode… oh yeah, there’s a 40 second Looper in it too!).

As you may expect this pedal has several tricks under its sleeve. For example, the TonePrint app allows for in-depth editing and lets you also customize the functionality of the MASH buttons, which can give you give you powerful effect-specific real-time parameter control.

If you are wondering how it sounds, look no further than in the videos below.