Mr Black JDD-3000+

While the word “digital,” when applied to delay, made some musicians and producers of the ’80s run away in horror, the shoegazer movement embraced those rather primitive rack effects, making their artifacts part of their sound. The Mr. Black JDD-3000+ is a pedal that recreates one of the most sought-after digital delays from that era, the KORG SDD-3000, now selling used for over $2,000.

The “+” in the name implies a few extras added to the already existing “non-plus” version – here’s the list:

  • trailing echoes on bypass,
  • an optional tap-tempo input,
  • an easy-to-use programmable preset
  • up to 850mS of delay with modulation.

This is a limited edition (only 56 units were printed of it) but you may able to find some hardly used units on

Mr. Black JDD-3000+, Builder’s Notes

Like its little brother the JDD-3000, the JDD-3000+ delivers the best digital echo tones available from from its legendary inspiration, with a few tasteful additions.

The JDD-3000+ includes trailing echoes on bypass, an optional tap-tempo input (using a normally open momentary foot-switch such as our Tap-Exp.), an easy-to-use programmable preset and up to 850mS of pristine delay, perfectly seasoned with delicate and interactive modulation.

Powered by daisy-chain friendly, industry standard 9VDC 2.1mm negative center-pin power (68mA max current draw).
*power supply not included

Limited run of 56 pedals.