Portland’s Subdecay got us used to some pretty edgy effects with a “synthy” angle, so we weren’t expecting their new release: a pedal dubbed as an “analog premp” called Vector. Scratching beyond the name’s surface, you’ll find that this digital pedal is actually a lot more than just a preamp, providing eleven different distortion options in a no frills package.

The Vector uses digital technology to control multiple gain stages and a full internal tone stack. This gives you unmatched tonal variation with easy to use familiar controls, Volume, Tone and Gain. The Vector won’t get in the way or eat up half of your pedalboard.

Drive 1 & 2
Similar to that well known green overdrive, but without the tubby cleanish signal underneath. This makes the drive 1 & 2 channels more useful when with a clean amp, but will still push a dirty amp into a screaming sustain machine. Drive 2 is similar, but with more bass response and a less prominent midrange hump.

The crunch channel’s tight bass response and harmonic clarity make it perfect for palm muting and general purpose riff rock. Do you think you’ve written the next iconic rock riff anthem? Use the crunch channel! The tone has a surprising width and clarity. It wont get all flubby and turn your tone into mud.

Makes your amp sound overloaded with a big bottom end, yet retains note separation on the higher strings.

Fuzz 1 & 2
Inspired by mainstay fuzz pedal of the 60s garage rock. The original had a depth knob that really mixed two fuzz circuits and sometimes sounded like a broken octave effect. It could get really harsh. It could sound quite nasal or almost like a kazoo. Unlike the original this channel has a tone knob to tame the high end… or you could use the tone knob on your guitar as well.

Inspired by plugging fuzz pedals into an amp and turning everything to ELEVEN!!! It sounds like a fuzz pedal into a cranked amp. What could possibly be more inspiring?

You know you want to try it. Get your 80s groove on without the spandex, hairspray fumes or neon guitars. We know you secretly work on your pinch harmonic and whammy bar skillz when you think no one else is listening. We know… but don’t worry we won’t tell anyone.

Big and full. Lots of low end. Easy to get controllable feedback and tons of sustain with loads of interaction between your guitar strings and the air being pushed by your amp.

Modern 1
The go to channel for rhythm guitar that works on just about anything, even in super thick mixes. It’s warm and rich. It let’s complex chords come through even at higher gain settings.

Modern 2
With rich harmonics and a tight focus on the lower mid range, the modern 2 channel is great for modern rock, metal, drop tuning, high gain riffage and letting notes ring out in to singing feedback.

More info here.