The Fortin Natas Distortion is a pedal version of one the company’s now disontinued, but very popular in the mid aughts, Natas guitar amp.

Forting describes itself as “the heaviest company in the guitar world,” and for good reason: their line of amps and pedals is geared towards heavy guitarists, and the Natas is no exception.

The controls of the Natas pedal closely match the ones of the amp, with two gain stages (Volume and Gain), a regular 3-band EQ, and two small knobs any metal guitarist would want to see in a distortion pedal, called Grind andĀ Girth. While the regular EQ is applied after the distortion, these two are filters affecting high and low frequencies of the signal before it hits the distortion stage, widening the palette of tones, from sharper to darker and full bodied.

TheĀ Mid Shift switch toggle lets you pick two different frequencies to boost or cut via the Mid knob, allowing, amont other things, for scooped and lo-mids-heavy tones.

Fortin Natas Distortion, Builder’s Notes

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