Strymon BigSky Reverberator

We were all anticipating a new, BIG reverb stompbox by Strymon, since the Californian company’s last two super hyped pedals focused on creating the ultimate digital delay (Timeline) and Modulation (Mobius) pedals. Well we were right: that reverb pedal is now reality, and its name is BigSky.

Strymon has gotten us used to release incredibly organic sounding digital pedals, and since reverb is probably the most challenging effect to get right digitally (also because of the enormous amount of DSP it requires) they surely had their work cut out for them.

Like its siblings Timeline and Mobius, this pedal intends to be the “do-it-all” of reverb pedals, and features 12 different reverb types (called also here “machines”), from your regular “Room” and “Plate” to more intriguing-sounding “Bloom”, “Cloud” and “Magneto.”

The controls seem refreshingly simple for such a powerful unit, featuring all the important reverb settings like Decay, Pre-Delay, Mix and Tone directly accessible through dedicated knobs. Five other knobs let the user to control deeper settings, while three footswitches allow preset navigation and special effects when held down, like Freeze and Sustain.

Not happy with tackling reverb in full, the Strymon engineers also implemented a speaker cabinet emulation system, for direct-to-PA gigs or recording applications.

Curious to hear how it sounds? Check out the demos of it!