The Spun Loud Effects Shuksan Fuzz is a US hand-made three-knob a discrete high-gain fuzz that uses three gain stages to deliver a wide range of tones without ever compromising the dynamics of the performance.

Input and Sustain knobs deal with signal in and fuzz amount, while the Output can deliver above unity levels to push your amp into breakup.

Top-notch components are used with High-quality Wima, TDK and Wurth capacitors, Lumberg or Neutrik jacks and pro-quality Gorva Design 3PDT switches.

With pedals like this one it’s all in the tone, so have a listen to it in the videos below.

Spun Loud Effects Shuksan Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The Shuksan Fuzz is a discrete high-gain fuzz drive that will give players a stunning dynamic range and variety of tones — from mild gated drive to screaming octave fuzz. With its intuitive controls, players will find plenty of interplay and the ability to get a variety of unique and useable tones in a simple package. Described as smooth, articulate, responsive and at times “Velcro-y,” the Shuksan offers players unique and exciting soundscapes that will keep them playing.

Shuksan uses three gain stages, each cascading into the next, to push a gnarly, to-the-hilt fuzz effect that tips its hat toward both huge vintage fuzz tones and harder charging modern tones.

The Shuksan includes three controls:

Input: Controls the guitar signal entering the gain stages. This can take the place of using your guitar volume, or can be used with it to get different levels and tones. Input allows the pedal to be dialed in with a variety of guitar/pickup/amp combinations.

Sustain: Controls the gain level on the middle gain stage. Use this with the input all the way down to achieve a milder fuzz/distortion sound, or ramp up the input to reach higher gain settings and a variety of flavors.

Volume: Controls the overall output level of the effect. Unity gain is about 11 o’clock, so there is plenty of range to push the volume dramatically higher.

Handmade in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, the Shuksan uses only high-quality components, including:

High-quality Wima, TDK and Wurth capacitors
Lumberg or Neutrik jacks
Pro-quality Gorva Design 3PDT switches
Internal filtering for super-low-noise operation
Extra-tough UV printed art for long lasting finish
All-analog original circuit design
Runs on standard center-negative 9V power supply only