Spun Loud Effects Litigator

We’ve been talking about the “Beano Tone” a few weeks ago in relation to this pedal, the warm yet edgy sound that became the signature of Eric Clapton early sound when he was playing with the Blues Breakers. The Spun Loud Effects Litigator Overdrive gives us another opportunity to check out that sound.

A simple three-knob pedal, the litigator is not a replica of the Bluesbreaker circuit, but an original, transistor-based design with two gain stages delivering a wide palette of tones, from creamy to fuzz-like. A tone control allows darker or brighter tones.

These demos do a good job in showcasing the Spun Loud Effects Litigator Overdrive’s versatility.

Spun Loud Effects Litigator, Builder’s Notes

The Litigator was inspired by the blues rock sounds of Britain in the early 1960s, known to some as the “beano” tone, and to others as the “Bluesbreaker” sound. But don’t be fooled — this is not a clone of Marshall’s famous and often replicated Bluesbreaker pedal.

The Litigator is an original, transistor-based design that uses two gain stages to achieve a creamy, sparkly overdrive with an almost fuzz-like character not found in most overdrive pedals. Keep the gain low for just a hint of crunch, or crank it up for a lead-worthy overdriven tone that gets plenty dirty while maintaining note clarity when you strum chords. The pedal also includes a tone control that allows you cut highs or crank them for that extra sparkle.

Full features:

  • Wide gain range from light crunch to screaming overdrive
  • Ample volume to push a tube amp even at low gain settings
  • Tone control for cutting highs or adding sparkle
  • All analog original circuit
  • Ultra premium soft-click Gorva footswitches
  • High-quality Wurth and WIMA capacitors
  • Neutrik jacks
  • Runs on standard negative-tip 9V power supply (not included)
  • Original art designed by Seattle artist Daniel Chesney
  • Pedals designed and built by hand in Bellingham, Washington