Anasound Utopia Deluxe Delay

The Anasound Utopia Deluxe is a limited edition, updated and upgraded version of the company’s “regular” Utopia, an analog-voiced delay built around the PT2399 chip that’s, to date, their best-selling unit.

The original circuit was designed from the ground up to feature Tap Tempo functionality. Since they were at it, the French team also added some extra, nifty features, like three subdivision options, a momentary self-oscillating effect triggered by holding the tap tempo footswitch, a Tone control that lets you tweak the EQ of the repeats and a Preamp section voiced after the circuit found in the vintage Echoplex tape echos, with three gain setting accessible via a toggle switch.

However, the most intriguing new feature of this Deluxe version is the Bliss control, which adds three different types of modulation depending on the knob’s position:

  • Subtle tape style when in the first third of the knob’s range
  • Chorus when in the second third
  • Vibrato when in the last third

You can hear the sounds made by the Anasounds Utopia Delay in the video below.