The VHD from SnK Pedals is a recreation of the preamp circuit found in the long discontinued Ampeg VH140C, an amp beloved by hardcore and death metal guitarists of the ’90s.

The Ampeg VH-140C Solid State Amplifier was a staple of the 1990’s Hardcore and Death metal genres. Long since out of production, the VH (variable harmonic) line of amplifiers produced still sought after heavy distortion tones.

S&K pedals has taken the distortion channel directly from the VH amplifiers, pedalized it and powered it with a pedal board friendly 9v supply. Controls include: Level, High, UltraMid, Low and Gain.

The VHD can be run one of three ways.
1) into the front end of your amplifier like a typical distortion pedal
2) into the series effects loop return, bypassing the preamp
3) into a power amp or slave amp (i.e. a sunn concert slave)

*Pedals will be build as ordered. Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipment*

Standard components include Wima film and Nichicon electrolytic Capacitors, Xircon metal film resistors, alpha potentiometers and Neutrik jacks. All housed in a powder coated Hammond 1590BBM enclosure with screen printed graphics.

– Black Knobs
– True Bypass w/ water clear red LED
– Standard center-negative power supply, accepts 9V or 12V
– Pedal board friendly Top-mounted jacks
– No Battery power option available.