Shoneswood Effects

Shoneswood is a small pedal manufacturer that hand-builds its stompboxes, giving each one a unique enclosure made out of… repurposed old skateboards!

The Shralp is a Gated Fuzz with controls for Volume, Gate and Tone, inspired by vintage gated fuzz, and can also deliver tones closer to an overdrive at lower gain levels.

Check out the video by collector//emitter, below.

Like all my skate deck pedal enclosures this one was used and loved by a skater until being acquired by me to be repurposed on a guitarist’s board to get loved all over again. Each one is 100% original wear from use and thus each one is a unique art piece that can never be replicated, even by me!

The Shralp Fuzz is a classic toned fuzz pedal that walks the line between familiar fuzz tones like you might hear David Gilmore soloing with on “Comfortably Numb” and more aggressive or weird timbres. It can be used as a main overdrive tone or for wacky leads and textures, you’re the artist, use it how you feel inspired!