Ever tried and dial in the perfect tremolo sound, only to find out that it is either too fast or not fast enough for the song you are playing? Finding the sweet spot with a tremolo’s speed control can be tough, in particular when you have an idea while performing. There are a few tap-tempo tremolo pedals on the market, but very few combine this convenience with the beloved optical tremolo design.

The Wave Rider from Montreal boutique manufacturer Jonny Rock Gear offers both an optical design as well as a tap-tempo feature. There are also some cool parameters for control. Standard ‘Rate’ and ‘Size’ (depth of the effect) knobs are here, and they’ve added a ‘Flip’ control which can distort the waveform lending to some crazy new sounds. There is also a blend function via the ‘Depth’ control, a feature hardly seen on tremolo pedals, wave selection and subdivision options.

Jonny Rock has introduced some very interesting features to a timeless effect, and the Wave Rider has a place in any style of playing. Optical design, innovative features, and rock-solid construction means this wave is worth catching. – Stoner