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We were a bit confused initially when we heard that Catalinbread was coming out with a new pedal called “Epoch Pre” – assuming it was maybe a streamlined version of their Belle Epoch delay, a recreation of a vintage Maestro Echoplex 3 EP-3 tape echo.

Well, we were wrong. The Epoch Pre is indeed linked to the Belle Epoch, but an echo it is not.

This stompbox only emulates the preamp of that device, considered by many as a “tone enhancer” when the effect is bypassed. It features both variations of the vintage model, that sounded slightly different (through the “early/later” button).

The left footswitch controls the boots, while the two “Bias” knob¬†provides some coloration.

Internal 22 Volt circuit allows for a larger than life headroom, while a switchable buffer allows to maintain the signal’s¬†fidelity when long cables are used.