The Catalinbread Epoch Bias is yet another circuit derived from what’s arguably the company’s most successful and consequential pedal to date, the Belle Epoch, an echo pedal inspired by the venerable vintage Echoplex EP-3 tape delay, a device renown not only for its effect, but also for the pleasing color of its preamp.

The Epoch Bias recreates that preamp and combines it with the sonic detail of the Epoch Boost, introducing new controls including a wide-ranging high-cut filter and a Bias control.

The high-cut filter, besides its pleasing and warming effect on the tone, is particularly useful for guitarists managing multiple guitars or long signal chains. The Bias control functions like a gain knob, addressing the fixed gain structure of vintage EP-3 units.

Alongside the familiar Preamp and Boost parameters, the Epoch Bias provides ultra-versatile boost and preamp options, enhancing color and elevating the sound of pickups, amplifiers, or effects chains from good to great.

Here are the videos.