mod devices dwarf

Compact multi-effects pedals can be very useful in complementing any board, and the Mod Devices Dwarf is an interesting recent open-source entry in this niche.

The most intriguing feature of this standalone plugin hardware box is that it lets you organize your effects (and routing) in an unlimited number of “virtual” boards that can be stored as presets on a tablet or laptop and recalled via footswitch or through a Midi controller. There are around 300 effects available

Optimized for hands-free control, the Dwarf allows control of assigned parameters via footswitch, Expression pedal or Midi, and its multiple IOs allow all possible configurations (it accepts line in and can interact with USB compatible synths). Its cab modeling section (which also accepts IRs) works well for direct recording and amp-less gigs.

Check out the videos below to get an idea of the Mod Devices Dwarf’s sounds and potential.

Endless rigs to-go
Assemble as many pedalboards as you want and organize them in banks using a computer or tablet.

Navigate and control them directly from the standalone device or with a MIDI controller.

Optimized for hands-free use
Snapshot (Navigation Mode)
Instantly switch between different snapshots that store the states of all parameters in your pedalboard.

Pedalboard (Navigation Mode)
Navigate through all available pedalboards in your device.

Control Mode
Tweak and control adressed parameters inside your pedalboard with precision and speed.

Tool Mode
Access useful tools such as the tuner or the tempo tool.

Total creative freedom
Build complex pedalboards with a limitless and intuitive graphical interface. Any kind of routing is possible no matter how complex so the sky is the limit.

Open as many parallel paths as you want, assign the parameters to your preferred controllers and enjoy the truly modular DNA of the MOD platform.

Vast and expanding plugin offer
From pristine and polished simulators created by professional developers to indie experimental granular units from collective open source efforts, the Plugin Shop has it all for you.

New plugins are constantly released, so you’ll never get bored with your sounds.

Coders and sound designers can use and share their own plugins.

Plugins for everything
Experiment with the classics or go crazy with innovative gear to nail your tone without any restrictions.

Load samples, loops and IR files.

Use switchboxes and mixers to control the audio flow.

Patch it anywhere
Assemble patches from the graphical interface using any tablet or computer.

With an intuitive drag & drop usage, nailing your sound was never so easy and fun.

Just plug it
A full set of analog and digital IO’s allows you to connect almost every possible musical instrument or gear to the MOD Dwarf.