Drunk Beaver Secret Sauce Fuzz

Hailing from Polkand, Drunk Beaver Pedals specializes in dirt boxes inspired by classic circuits. The Secret Sauce is their take on the Harmonic percolator-style fuzz, one that greatly extends the limited range of the vintage unit, making it one of the most versatile pedals of this kind on the market.

The two knobs featured in the original (Output and Harmonics) are integrated by two more (Compression and Symmetry) delivering respectively a more compressed fuzz sound and a blend of symmetrical (knob turned to the left) and asymmetrical (knob turned to the right) diode clipping. At noon you get the closest setting to the vintage unit.

The toggle switches widen the tone palette further by allowing to select Germanium or Silicon components for both the transistor and the diodes in the circuit. Playing with the diodes options and the Compression and Symmetry knobs opens up a variety of tones that should allow any fan of the Harmonic Percolator to find their ideal fuzz tone.

This is currently the only video of the Drunk Beaver Secret Sauce Fuzz, a pedal we added to our article about the best Harmonic Percolator clones and evolutions.