Randale Pedale’s Buzztard is a RAT inspired pedal with an added NPN Germanium transistor that takes it further into fuzz territory. It can also deliver overdrive and distortion dirt just like the original rodent, with and added three-way EQ section to dial in the desired or necessary tone.

Need a doctor? The rat is back from the sewer and got a NPN Germanium transistor franken-steined into its circuit. Ready to whip you with a extra portion of fuzz from the beast´s tail.

DRIVE feeds you juicy tones ranging from overdrive into distortion territory and adds body to it.

The germanium transistor is pushed by the rodent´s furiously pumping LM308 and yields another layer of FUZZ and overtones. Yes, this beast has also a softer side that can be tickled.

The ACTIVE BASS, MID and TREBLE controls will please your dirty needs for even dirtier deeds.