ramble fx kismet pedal

Ramble FX has announced Kismet, an all-new overdrive/distortion pedal that combines a completely analog signal path with presets, expression control of any settings and full MIDI control.

This pedal features progressive diode clipping for a wide gain range and digital control that adds four memory positions to let players easily save and recall presets. Kismet also has an innovative expression control that lets you sweep all the unit’s settings at once with a volume or expression pedal. Simply save different pedal settings in the “heel” and “toe” positions, and morph between them using your connected pedal. MIDI expands Kismet’s memory to 100 positions and can take direct control of all settings and footswitches.

Here are a few videos of the Kismet:

Livingroom Gear Demo also took a shot at it:

Here’s a two video series on this pedal by Brett Kingman:

A new overdrive/distortion pedal that combines 100% analog tone with digital features. It uses progressive diode clipping, a method of sculpting the distortion with two sets of diodes clipping at different levels. That gives Kismet a wide gain range with just the right amount of compression throughout.

Kismet has a digital microcontroller that works in the background, capable of changing the internal resistances of all its settings. That gives Kismet the ability to save and recall presets and an innovative expression control that can sweep any or all settings, in any amounts, any directions, all at the same time. Kismet also has full MIDI support, making it a perfect match for any MIDI equipped setup.

Kismet’s features include:

• 100% analog signal path. Progressive diode clipping with a wide gain range.
• Powerful treble, mids, and bass tone controls.
• Four memory positions to save and recall presets.
• Innovative expression control. Save any combination of settings for the “toe,” any different settings for the “heel,” and sweep all settings at once with an expression pedal.
• Frustration-free intuitive programming using just one toggle switch.
• MIDI control expands Kismet’s memory to 100 positions and can control any setting.
• EEPROM-type memory is retained when power is removed.
• Bulletproof relay-based true bypass.

Kismet is designed and assembled in the U.S. and has a retail price of $249.99. Order direct at Ramble FX or through select retailers worldwide. All Ramble FX pedals have a five-year limited warranty.