GOAT Analog Distortion Generator

The GOAT Analog Distortion Generator is a stompbox that will intrigue those who love vintage circuits with an interesting story. It’s a pedal that recreates the Rockman Distortion Generator, a rack-mounted effects from the ’90s designed by Boston’s guitarist Tom Sholz, and a parent of the somewhat legendary Rockman, a headphone amp for guitarists.

The Rockman was a forward-thinking device, probably the first one with an aux stereo input that allowed guitarists to rehearse in the headphones, but some high-profile guitarists, including David Gilmour, enjoyed it so much to include it in their records.

The Distortion Generator developed the Rockman’s distortion circuit in a standalone half-rack unit. The Japan-made GOAT Analog Distortion Generator is a faithful recreation of the original model that¬†improves the pattern design and power supply circuit to minimize noise and adds true bypass.

Check out the great video by R.J. Ronquillo – a Rockman fan – comparing the two circuits.

GOAT Analog Distortion Generator, Builder’s Notes

It is revival product of the Rockman Distortion Generator. It is an effects pedal that sounds just like the original Rockman Distortion.

Original modules became legend and we hear many users have concerns such as “The original machine has become expensive”, “I am worried about maintenance and breakdown”, “I can not put it in my effects board”.

So on this project, we reproduced the Rockman Distortion Generator as a pedal effects. Keep the original sound as it is, downsized so that it can coexist with other pedals.

Analog circuit
This product has faithfully reproduced the original circuit as much as possible. The actual circuit is reproduced by using the same analog parts as possible instead of digital. And the original circuit was quite complicated and difficult. It was a circuit that covered Tom Schulz’s genius thinking abundantly, such as multi-stage amplification, an irregular equalizer circuit, automatic switching of gain depending on input level, and it was not a circuit that could clone easily. At that time, the idea of ??making such a complicated circuit was just impressed.

Additional features
Improved the pattern design and power supply circuit to minimize noise while reproducing the original circuit.
The BYPASS circuit is a “TRUE BYPASS” that can faithfully reproduce the guitar sound during BYPASS.
When the AC adapter is connected, it operates at the same power supply voltage as the original, and also allows battery operation. To reproduce the original circuit, the current consumption is higher than the general effects pedal, so we recommend using an AC adapter or an alkaline battery.

Add effects on / off and lead boost switches at your feet. If you have used Rockman’s Module, you can use it without hesitation.

We strived to improve quality in partnership with experienced factories in Japan.

Input : Impedance 2MQ and over?Maximum level +12dB?
Output : Impedance 470MQ?Maximum level +13dBv?
TREB. BOOST Range 20dB continuous
Power supply : 9V Alkaline battery or Adapter ?DC center minus 200mA over is recommended ?
Size : 126(D) x 126(W) x 50(H) mm
Function :
BASS?-5dB to +5dB
2KHz Notch?-10dB to OdB