The Quimper Electronics Roadtripper Warm Glow is an overdrive and boost pedal emulating tube amplifier tone using a proprietary SST (Solid-State-Tube) technology. It can be used in several different ways, check out the manufacturer’s suggestions under this video by Shnobel.

There are several ways to use the “Warm Glow”™ and they ALL sound incredible!

– Use it to get direct tube amp tone into a PA
– As a tube amp conversion pedal for solid state amps or even acoustic amps
– Puff up tube amps with even more tube tone, compression, and overdrive
– Run it directly into digital workstations to get proper amp tone and process from there
– Use it to convert an amplified PA speaker into a guitar amp
– Get real amp tone from your stereo!
– Make any computer speakers sound like a tube amp!