NuVision fw

Taking part in our very own Stompbox Booth, upstate New York builder Lightning Boy Audio will take the opportunity of the NAMM 2018 show to debut a new overdrive pedal called NuVision.

Lightning Boy specializes in tube powered designs, and this stompbox is no exception, since it’s built around a circuit based on the smallest tube ever made, called Nu Vistors:

The NuVision operates solely on vacuum tubes.  There are no transistors in the audio circuitry of this pedal.  The NuVision is a limited release instrument preamp pedal.  It features a pair of new old stock nuvistor vacuum tubes and an interesting passive EQ circuit.  Designed to run on a standard 9v DC adapter (300mA+), the pedal boosts the voltage internally to 200v to run the tubes at a nominal plate voltage for the big headroom and responsive feel of a tube amp.

Here’s the video of it we took at NAMM, more info about the pedal can be found here and under the video.

NuVision is a high voltage all-tube instrument preamp pedal driven by NuVistors, the smallest vacuum tubes ever made.

The combined pair of NuVistors in this pedal consume 50mA less current than a 12AX7, take up 50% less space than a 12AX7, and output 20% more gain than a 12AX7.

The pedal features a passive EQ with Bass and Treble boost/cut knobs, plus low and high cut filters to allow for some interesting EQ curves to be made.

The “In” knob adjusts the how much distortion the pedal makes by controlling how much the first tube overdrives the second tube.

The “Out” knob is a volume attenuator at the end of the circuit.  The NuVision takes a 9v DC @300mA input and converts it internally to 200v DC for the B+.