Warm Audio Warm Bender

Three versions of the Tone Bender Fuzz, one of the most iconic fuzz pedals of all times, are recreated, with improvements, in the  Warm Audio Warm Bender, a pedal that sports a vintage-style polygonal case reminiscent of the original, but remarkably smaller.

The Warm Bender offers three distinct settings for different fuzz tones.

  1. The NOS 76 setting, featuring 1X OC76 & 1X SFT337 transistors, provides early Bender tones with cutting highs, clear presence, and a versatile drive.
  2. The NOS 75 setting, with its 3X OC75 transistors, recreates the sounds of the legendary Mark II Professional-style Bender fuzz tone with enhanced bass response.
  3. The Silicon setting, utilizing a 3-transistor topology, produces a Bender sound with a tighter low and top-end response, resembling a smooth distortion-like tone.

Each of these modes can be altered using the two knobs found in the original (Level and Attack), plus the SAG switch on the back of the case, which adds a “dying battery” tone, offering touch-sensitivity and compression.

We added the Warm Bender to our article about the best Tone Bender clones and variants.