Polarbear Effects Young Hearts

The PT2399 chip is a chip found in many creative digital delays, including the Polarbear Young Hearts, a lofi echo pedal with modulation and several other interesting and unusual features provided by its Feedback and VCR Toggle Switches, which allow Tape Rewind and Fast Forward modes and also changes in delay time accessible via the momentary footswitch (the one on the right).

The latter can be configured to work in different ways through the toggles and the small round button placed to their left. The momentary functions available when pressed are the following:

  1. Random Feedback Oscillation Mode (the effect cycles through random delay times). In this mode, the Attack knob controls the speed at which the delay time changes, while Release knob sets the time range of the randomly selected delays.
  2. VCR Mode (it allows you to create “rewind” and “fast-forward” effects). Holding the momentary footswitch will cause the delay to decrease in time while bending the pitch upwards, or – with the toggle in down position, increase in time. In this mode the Attack and Release Knobs modify the “length” of the bending when the footswitch is pressed and released, producing more extreme pitch bending at higher settings.
  3. Second Delay Time Mode, activated by the button under the blue led. This mode bypasses the previous two modes and gives you a more regular delay with momentary or latched runaway feedback. In this mode, the Release knob controls the delay time.

The Attack and Release knobs control varying parameters depending on the mode you are in

On the bottom raw, the Modulation section features small knobs controlling Depth, Shape and Speed, and can get from subtle to weird, while the Feedback knob fine-tunes the number of repeats.

This is a very unique creative pedal, recommended for the sound adventurers out there! We added the Polarbear Effects Young Hearts to our list of Best Creative Lofi Pedals and Best Creative PT2399-Based Echo Pedals.