Blackskycraft Unusual EAS

Those of you enamored with creative sonic soundscapes may have found a new friend: the Blackskycraft Unusual EAS is an uber-tweakable, modulated ambient reverb with added filter and bitcrusher.

Made in NYC by a small builder without a website, the Unusual EAS is unusual indeed, providing a thick and lush reverb and several ways to make it sound from textural to cosmic to downright weird (FYI, “weird” is a good word, in our vocabulary).

Here are some of the features:

• 16 modulation waveforms in 2 banks of 8
• Tap subdivisions (via the “Multi” toggle)
• an onboard bitcrusher with its controls for resolution and sample rate.
• tap tempo for modulation rate,
• a send/return effects loop to place other effects between the reverb and the bitcrusher.

This looks and sounds like a device that will keep its owners happy for a while, we added it to our article about the best reverb pedals for ambient and shoegaze.

Blackskycraft Unusual EAS, Builder’s Notes

The Blackskycraft Unusual EAS reverb pedal takes modulated, dirty reverb to previously unknown sonic realms, with a total of 16 different modulation waveforms in 2 banks of 8, tap tempo for modulation rate, an onboard bitcrusher with its own dedicated control set, and a send/return effects loop for further creative reverb mangling. Its controls are powerful and expansive, giving the user maximum control, whether they’re looking to just add a little space, or conjure an infinitely self-propagating reverberant hellscape that brings about the end of days. In this demo video I put the Blackskycraft Unusual EAS through its paces in full band context, then I dig into the control set, running through the functions and showing you what this unique reverb pedal is capable of.