Pogo Pedals Zen Ray

Pogo Pedals is a new Chicago-based boutique pedal company that aims at “bridging the gap between classic sound and modern player.

It launched its first product in 2020, the Zen Ray, a vintage-sounding overdrive that can produce smooth low to medium drive while offering a wide range of tone sculpting options.

The small Mid Saturation knob in the center of the layout is the most original part of this circuit and can increase or decrease the saturation of the critical mid frequencies without affecting the response in the lows and highs. This can produce tones from crunchy to clean, whether scooped or piercing.

The Germ toggle switch on top of it will engage a pair of germanium transistors, which produces softer clipping and an overall much smoother tone.

Treble and Bass knobs provide familiar ways to sculpt the high and low end.

Check out the demos of this new interesting overdrive, , the Pogo Pedals Zen Ray Overdrive, below.

The Zen Ray is Pogo Pedal’s flagship overdrive that helped launch the company in 2020. We designed the Zen Ray to stand out from two famed boutique overdrives that are beloved by players around the world. Zen Ray has a few unique controls that allow the pedal to be modern and versatile all while maintaining the blood and soul of true vintage sound and craftsmanship. Toggle on the ‘germ’ switch to add 2 germanium transistors to the signal. This produces softer clipping, more articulation, and a smoother / looser feel. The germanium transistors also add some extra crunch. Use the ‘Mid Saturation’ control to add or remove the harmonic saturation of the midrange. This allows you to dial in a heavier mid-crunch or a scooped mid sound. Turn it all the way up to produce a glassy / sparkly tone.

We understand how personal and critical a player’s overdrive tone is to them. We believe the versatility and unique controls of this pedal allows the player to capture their very own sonic signature.