Norwegian manufacturer Pladask Elektrisk is well known among pedal geeks for the FORM DYI project, organized in collaboration with Bandorg – FORM being a stompbox you can acquire only by participating in a “build-it-yourself” workshop in… Norway!

They recently gave the guys at I  Love Fuzz one of their new BAKVENDT Reverse Granular Pedal, a compact stompbox featuring an octave circuit and time stretching and looping capabilities.

The pedal is extremely rare (only 40 of it exist at this stage) and does all sorts of weird things:

BAKVENDT is a granular synthesizer masquerading as a reverse delay. It can delay stuff in reverse, time stretch stuff in reverse, freeze stuff, pitch stuff upwards in octave intervals, pitch stuff downwards in octave intervals and generally make lots of narly noises.

The guys at A Bunch Of Pedals got a hold of the unit and made this video of it.