Pladask Etterslep

The Pladask Etterslep is another highly experimental pedal by this Norwegian manufacturer that has treated us for a while now with several creative devices. It’s described by the builder as a “time-based audio processor combining granular synthesis, tapped delay line and modified sample playback.”

This is not a very straightforward pedal, and those interested in it may want to download the manual here.

Suffice it to say that the pedal has three modes of operation (selectable via the bottom right toggle switch):

The GRAIN algorithm delivers granular synthesizer similar to algorithms found in the FABRIKAT pedal, including time stretching, shuffling, and scrubbing incoming audio, without pitch shifting, forward or backward, depending on the position of the Mode and Move knobs. The other controls on the pedal add variations and extra effects.

The TDL algorithm offers a Tapped delay line (TDL) effect, which produces various unnatural reverb/delay effects including gated and reversed reverbs. Once again, near-infinite variations can be dialed in by experimenting with the other controls, in particular the SHAPE knob, which blends between three different TDL shapes, producing different sounding delay effects, including a reversed one.

The TAPE algorithm instead offers variable sample playback similar to algorithms found in FABRIKAT, where changing the playback speed will pitch shift the audio (similar to tape manipulation). Here the Quant knob allows to set the speed of the playback, while Rand causes the playback to randomly skip between forward and reverse.

As you may gather, there’s a lot more to this pedal that can be described here (including momentary effects). THe videos below will give you an example of some of the sounds in can create.

We added the Pladask Etterslep to our article about the best stutter and granular pedals.