Gatekeeper tilt Render ArmyGreen

New York City based manufacturer Pigtronix has recently released a noise gate stompbox called The Gatekeeper.

The pedal utilizes high speed J-Fet circuitry to quell any static or non-musical sounds from your signal path. With above the average headroom and wide range threshold control, the Gatekeeper enables fast and smooth playing that was previously only available in rackmount noise gate processors used in studios.  The Gatekeeper is said to allow for musical gating even for demanding, high-speed genres like heavy metal, thanks to the release time knob, which allows the user to control how long it takes for the gate to slam closed.

True bypass switching, army green color scheme and an affordable MAP price of $149 make this an interesting product for all electric guitarists at war with unwanted noise – i.e. most of them.