Pedaltrain Volto1

If you followed our recent Stompbox Exhibit at Summer NAMM 2013¬†(pictures here), you may have noticed these little white Pedaltrain boxes next to the pedalboards. Those things are called “Volto” and they actually powered most pedals during the show (not the 12v ones), and in most cases one of them lasted throughout the 3 day convention.

About as big as a smartphone and powered by lithium-ion battery technology, the Volto¬†– which also happened to win the Summer NAMM “Best in Show” overall category – is an efficient, rechargeable, and super quiet alternative to traditional AC powered options, providing two 9 volt outputs capable of a total output power capacity of 2000mA.

Pedaltrain’s Volto is not on the market yet, and its presence at our exhibit was an important testing benchmark for the company that’s been also providing boards for our shows. The Volto should hit store shelves later in 2013.