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BearFoot FX


BearFoot FX’s moment to remember was when legendary guitarist Adrian Belew (Talking Heads, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Nine Inch Nails + more) visited the booth – he has two BearFoot pedals in his stomppbox collection.

Boomerang Audio


Mike from Boomerang showcased his unique looper (now in a much smaller size) almost non stop throughout the convention.

Dawner Prince Effects (Croatia)


We got a TON of positive feedback about these guys’ two pedals – both the Diktator distortion and the Starla tremolo found new fans, also among other manufacturer (TSVG guys loved the Starla, Mike from Pigtronic the Diktator).

DMB Pedals


DMB Audio played at home (they are based in Nashville) and a lot of locals were happy to see that board there – the Lunar Echo draw in particular a lot of attention.

Enormous Door FX


This board attracted a lot of heavy players – no wonder: fuzz is what Enormous Audio is all about.

Fairfield Circuitry


None other than Dr. Lonnie Smith spent 10 minutes trying this board (see video). Fairfield Circuitry also won our (sans-prize) award for the “Best Looking Board” at SNAMM.

Holowon Industries


Holowon attracted a lot of attention with their hand painted, graffiti style looking pedals, loved in particular by players in search of quirky and unique effects.

Junkie Tone (Mexico)


We got some really good feedback about the Junkie Tone distortion (and their crazy names). The two tube pedals and the orange JYM triggered raving comments.

MI Audio Effects (Australia)


The two star effects here were the Megalith (“Best Metal distortion” according to Mike from Pigtronix) and the Polyanna, who was named “one of the best octaver I’ve heard” by a visitor who shall remain nameless.



Pigtronix offered the usual smorgasbord of effects with deep controls and complex functionality. Their new star is their Infinity Looper.

TSVG Pedals


TSVG got a lot of attention in Nashville – read more here.