The notorious Boiling Point from Rockbox has returned in  2014 with an updated look and slimmer price tag (check out the old version here) You’ll be able to check out this new version this very weekend at our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit.

While sporting some new features, the amp-like mojo that made the original unit so appealing in the first place is still very much present.

Controls come in a standard 3 knob format with ‘Drive’, ‘Tone’, and ‘Level’. Also present is a ‘Bass Boost’ (high pass filter) toggle switch and a toggle for selecting the type of clipping (symmetrical or asymmetrical), further allowing the pedal to be dialed in to any player’s rig.

While not directly intended to be an “amp-in-a-box” design, the Boiling Point offers some very British-like amplifier tones via an articulate and responsive circuit design. For players looking to get dimed out full stack sounds in a pedalboard friendly size, the Boiling Point will get your tone cooking. – Stoner