aphazing_top1One of the most versatile phase shifters out there, the Aphazing from Los Angeles-based Experimental Noize offers control over virtually every parameter of the effect, giving the player the ability to dial in some very cool sounds that just aren’t possible with standard phasers.

While most phase shifters only include knobs for rate and depth, the Aphazing really shines through with its control scheme. Standard ‘Rate’, ‘Depth’, and ‘Resonance’ knobs are present, but that’s just the beginning. A ‘Mode’ knob allows for tailoring of the type of phase the pedal produces, and the ‘Stages’ control shifts between 2, 4, 8, and 12 phasing stages. The Limit controls adjust the heads and tails of the effect, allowing you to choose which aspect of the waveform you’d like to emphasize.

Experimental Noize really took the time to get the heart of this unit right, as it features a cutting edge 32-bit processor. Simple is not what the Aphazing is about – and not even “small” by the way, since the pedal is about 8″ tall!. While certainly able to achieve the classic phase sounds that have been loved by guitarists for decades, the Aphazing is for players who aren’t afraid to break new sonic ground.

Come and play with it at this weekend’s Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit! – Stoner