Vahlbruch Octavia V2

The Vahlbruch Octavia V2 is a high-end, handmade-in-Germany evolution of the Tychobrahe Octavia Fuzz (read: the octave-up-style fuzz used by Jimi Hendrix) that uses a custom-made transformer and Schottky diodes to reproduce the sound of the vintage units (v1 used new old stock germanium ones).

A toggle switch lets you bypass the octave-up effect, and the new V2 adds a small Edge knob that varies the treble and harmonic content of the fuzz, allowing for a wider spectrum of tones. When fully clockwise, you get the same exact tone as the pedal’s previous version for maximum bite and edge, while dialing it down will open up more subtle and warm sonic possibilities.

V2 also features the company’s proprietary MagTraB footswitch that is completely quiet and extremely sturdy and also allows you to choose whether you want the pedal to power up in “on” or bypass mode.

We added the Vahlbruch Octavia V2 Fuzz to our article about the best Octavia fuzz clones and evolutions.

Vahlbruch Octavia V2, Builder’s Notes

This new version of the Octavia pedal now also features my unique MagTraB switch and an additional EDGE control that determines the treble and harmonic content. Instead of germanium, Schottky diodes are now used, which sound simply fantastic!

The “Octavia v2” is a completely analog and handcrafted guitar effects unit that creates exactly the wild and ring modulated “octave-up/OctaFuzz” sounds that Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others loved to use. In the style of the legendary Tychobrahe Octavia pedal, a special transformer with downstream clipping diodes is also used here. In the current V2 version, however, so-called Schottky diodes are used as an absolute special feature, which give the pedal a very unique touch and are much more stable in value than Germanium diodes. Also the “Egde” knob is new! With this, the treble component and the overtone spectrum of the pedal can now be adjusted. Fully turned up, the frequency response corresponds to the V1 version with maximum bite, grit and presence. However, if this is too much for you, you can now reduce “Edge”. In the “Fuzz” setting, the “Octavia V2” can also be used as a pure fuzz (without “octave-up”). The “Gain” knob determines the fuzz intensity in this mode.

This pedal is equipped with our unique “MagTraB” switching technology:

Inside the button a magnet is integrated which position is measured by a sensor on the circuit board. If the button is now moved, e.g. if it is pressed downwards, the position of the magnet will also change. The sensor measures this change without any mechanical contact to the button and the information is send via a micro-controller to a gold-plated relay, which then does the actual audio signal switching.

The advantages of “MagTraB” footswitches:
MapTraB buttons are as good as indestructible! “MagTraB” delivers an almost infinite number of switching cycles – many, many millions!
No annoying, mechanical switch clicks! Instead, the “MagTraB” push-buttons switch very smooth and silently!
You can choose if the pedal powers up in “on” or “bypass” state.
To change the state:
Step 1: Unplug the power supply cable.
Step 2: Hold down on/off “MagTraB” button.
Step 3: Plug in again the power supply cable.
Step 4: Release on/off “MagTraB”” button.
DONE! The next time your pedal powers up it will automatically start in the other state.


Unique MagTraB switching technology
True bypass
100% analog signal path
Controls for Gain, Edge, Volume
Toggle-Switch for OctaFuzz / Fuzz mode
Input impedance: 1M Ohms
Output impedance: 100k Ohms
Current consumption: 40mA
This pedal requires an external regulated 9V power supply (not included), polarity: positiv@ring / negative@tip
Dimensions: 115mm x 70mm x 48mm
Weight: 240g
Handmade in Germany