Verb Deluxe 2 1
New from MOD Kits DIY, The Verb Deluxe kit is built around the Belton Digi-Log Mini Module. Some notable features include both Dwell and Mix controls, allowing the dry signal to be blended with the processed signal from just a hint of reverb to deep, cavernous echoes. The Dwell control adds extra flexibility, providing a full palette of sweet reverb sound.

These Kits are designed to give novice and experienced musicians the opportunity to build their own amps and effects pedals. All kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and use point-to-point wiring. A pre-drilled enclosure and all necessary parts are included. All you need to provide are hand tools, a soldering iron and solder. The effect pedal operates on a 9V battery; for a longer lasting option, a 9-volt adapter can be purchased separately.

I love DIY projects and intend on possibly building a few myself this year. It would be cool to build one and document the entire process for the blog. This may not be a bad one to start with, but the website and associated forum are very helpful and provide endless support and advice. It seems like there has been quite an influx of DIY pedal options sprouting up in the last couple years. Another good one is Build Your Own Clone. It is typically a good idea to gain a basic level of electronics knowledge and soldering experience before embarking on a project such as this, but the reward is typically saving some money and learning how to build your own gear in the process, which is pretty exciting if you ask me! – Gus Green