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TC Electronics has announced the release of 4 miniaturized versions of their much beloved TonePrint line of  pedals. For the readers not in the know, TC Electronics TonePrint technology lets you wirelessly upload custom pedal settings, designed by many famous guitarists, directly into the unit. Essentially giving them limitless sonic possibilities. The pocket sized housing should be attractive to any effects junkie as their footprint will barely register on your pedal board. Slated to be available June 1st in theUK. Americans, unfortunately, will have to wait until the end of June.

Flashback Mini Delay – In its stock setting it uses the 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay algorithm which produces a perfectly clean delay signal.

Corona Mini Chorus – The stock setting replicates their original Stereo Chorus pedal released in 1976.

Shaker Mini Vibrato – A clean vibrato sound based on the algorithm of their original Stereo Chorus pedal.

Vortex Mini FlangerStock setting offers a classic tape flange. – Grayson Fiske