Summer School Electronics Gladys V2

The Summer School Electronics Gladys V2 is an enhanced iteration of the Syracuse, NY-based company‘s Gladys Low/Mid Gain Overdrive pedal.

The new circuit offers increased headroom and a higher gain range, coupled with a 2-band active EQ and silent switching functionality, expanding its tonal palette and adaptability to a variety of musical genres.

The four control knobs (Volume, Drive, Treble, and Bass) are integrated by a compression toggle switch that deliver two modes:

  • Up position: hard-clipping boost/drive, akin to the classic breaker circuit, delivering low headroom and a gentle level of drive.
  • Down position: increased volume and headroom, resulting in a sharper and more direct and modern sound.

Here are the first videos of it.

Summer School Electronics Gladys V2, Builder’s Notes

The Gladys V2 is an updated version of the Gladys Low/Mid Gain Overdrive. This little lady boasts increased headroom, more gain on tap, a 2-band active eq, and silent switching. Perfect for rock, blues, country and everything in between. The Gladys V2 features 4 knobs: Volume, Drive, Treble and Bass, as well as a switch for added compression.

· With the toggle in the up position, the Gladys functions as hard-clipping boost/drive. Similar to the classic breaker circuit it features low head room, and a light level of drive.

· When the switch is down, more volume and headroom is added, making the pedal sounds crisper and more direct. This setting adds more volume to the pedal and a harsher more modern drive sound.

Gladys runs on a standard 9-volt, neg. center power supply, and has a lifetime warranty. Hand built in Syracuse, NY by working musicians with attention to detail, the Gladys is always a good girl for any rig.