I am a sucker for feedback sounds like any true child of the 90’s. This pedal looks interesting. I have used Softube’s Acoustic Feedback plug-in and I believe this pedal is probably similar. Very cool effect for instilling a little low volume chaos. Here’s some info about it plus a interesting video at the bottom that showcases the creative potential of this thing. – Gus Green

The Fender Runaway Feedback Pedal is a natural feedback simulator that lets guitarists create feedback-type sounds easily and at any volume. Developed as a collaboration with Sweedish DSP maverick Softube, the feedback effect can be added and controlled simply by adjusting the controls and engaging the “expression pedal” which responds to vibrato, bends, slides and tremolo. Controllable harmonic content and “wet only” signal options add great tonal flexibility to a pedal that encourages creativity, experimentation and fun.

  • Realistic feedback simulation
  • Feedback level knob controls amount of feedback effect
  • Tolerance knob controls the sensitivity
  • Harmonic selector switch lets you choose among fundamental, upper-fifth and sub-octave harmonics in different preset combinations
  • “Expression” pedal lets feedback fade in and out
  • LED indicates feedback effect use
  • “Full Wet” switch simulates backward-recording effects
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Included power supply