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Now for a modern spin on the Chorus/Vibrato pedal using vintage chips. Catalinbread recently released its Callisto Chorus/Vibrato pedal. Based on a 4-knob simple interface, this Chorus/Vibrato pedal can go from subtle and shimmer to rotary speaker-like to off-kilter warping/warble sounds.

A twist of the Density knob continuously adjusts the delay line time delivering classic chorus sounds from fat and warm to airy and subtle. Mix knob smoothly dials everything from lush chorusing, to true pitch vibrato, to sea sickening warble, and has the ability to run clean dry to completely wet. The sweep depth of the chorusing is controlled by the Width control. The Rate range can go from slow and syrupy to almost ring-mod intensity.

The thing that I really like about analog chorus is, by using bucket brigade chips, the delayed signal is always obscured and not an exact copy. Therefore, it makes for a nice warm chorus effect when the delay time is modulated by the LFO. This pedal uses legendary MN3007 chips to achieve its effect. I am excited to see some demos of this pedal. –Gus Green