Scarlett Front small

Being based in Tasmania is definitely not an advantage for a pedal manufacturer. Oh, yeah, no… Tasmania (where Selah Effects is) is not in Africa, it’s in Australia, right there. And the biggest market for guitar pedals is about half a world from there, right here. These two locations are so far apart from each other that even Google Maps refuses to give you directions on how to get from one to the other.

But location doesn’t affect the tone of a guitar pedal, and Selah’s stompboxes have got what it takes to be popular in the US – or anywhere else for that matter. Selah belongs to the “distortion only” family of manufacturers, and specializes in hand wired boxes that are simple but flexible, with a look that’s simple and elegant.

Check out this demo of their latest pedal, the Scarlett Love Overdrive V2, which participated to our latest Stompbox Exhibit in Brooklyn. – Nancy Kuo