The guys at Malekko Heavy Industry have been working their ass(Master)s off in 2018, with two new pedal releases and also a synth!

We blogged about the Downer just a few days ago, but the Portland manufacturer earlier this year also unveiled a new multi-tap delay with chorus named Thicken.

The effect’s most intriguing feature is the two multi-tap delay modes, Exponential and Random, selected by holding down the stomp when powering it up.

Exponential Mode, increasing the Spread knob exponentially widens the delay times, while in Random Mode, that knob “adjusts between smooth and aggressive time transitions.”

We were a little confused by this description, so we decided to ask none other than Paul Barker (company co-owner and ex member of Ministry) to expand…

Paul, what does the Random Mode in the Thicken do, exactly?

The SPREAD is two delay lines: short and long. When you increase the SPREAD, the short delay time increases linearly, and the long delay exponentially. The short delay will be approximately half the long delay times. The maximum time for the long delay is 90ms.

In random SPREAD mode, both the short delay and the long delay are randomly selected within a time “range”, at a fixed rate. So if you have the SPREAD set low (9 o’clock), the delays will be within a fast range (smooth sounding), and set high (5 o’clock), the effect will be more pronounced because the random times are longer (aggressive sounding).

Does these random delay lengths keep changing while you play or are they selected when you change the Spread Knob value, and then stay fixed?

They are continuously randomly changing.

Check out the latest video of the Thicken by Dennis Kayzer.

We worked with Colin Newman of Wire on this unique design and the colors are inspired by his Eastwood Signature Model electric guitar.

THICKEN has 2 selectable multi-tap delay modes plus a separate chorus, for three delay lines total. Spread determines the delay times, and increasing the spread exponentially widens the delay times. With the addition of Preamp, these controls result in mind-blowing, thicker sounds that any serious player needs.

Two modes of SPREAD time: Exponential and Random, selected by holding down the stomp at power connection. In Random mode, the SPREAD control adjusts between smooth and aggressive time transitions.

Features include:

  • 2 multi-tap delay modes
  • Chorus rate and depth controls
  • Spread volume and width control
  • Assignable expression input for any combination of controls and settings
  • Preamp control