Charlotte, NC pedal manufacturer Haunted Labs hand crafts some rather nightmarish looking pedals – it has released two so far, a modulated reverb and a fuzz.

The latter, called Paranormal Fuzz, is a high-gain filtered silicon fuzz with a smooth low-end, and it’s built for heavy hitters into genres like stoner or shoegaze. It has just been upgraded to V2 with a cleaner and quieter circuit.

Check out the video by Mike Hermans!

Manufacturer Notes

A long, long time ago, Haunted Labs unleashed what turned out to be an earth shattering fuzz pedal. The Paranormal Fuzz. This pedal wreaked havoc throughout the country, with enough force to exorcise spirits from your dark, damp, haunted homes.

Well… it is back and more haunted than ever. The Paranormal Fuzz V2 is a high-gain filtered silicon fuzz with an unworldly ability to unleash smooth low-end tones. This Paranormal Fuzz V2 is not a toy. All who dare to use this pedal are at risk of becoming a possessed being, doomed to a world of heavy fuzz tones.

The Paranormal Fuzz V2 brings everything you knew and loved about the original but holds a cleaner (and much quieter) circuit design – packed with more gain than you will ever need. The updated Paranormal Fuzz has the same three knobs on the front as the original – Volume, Filter, and Fuzz. The updated construction in the Paranormal Fuzz V2 means: better tone, durability, and most importantly – more hauntings.

The Paranormal Fuzz V2 is a great choice if you prefer to play stoner rock or shoegaze music, and need a versatile fuzz pedal to create loud wall-of-sound tones. However, the pedal can also work very interestingly with electronic music!

Overall, the Paranormal Fuzz V2 is a truly haunting fuzz, and we are excited to grant you possession of it – so you can, in turn, be possessed by it.