The Futura by Tijuana’s Paradox Effects is an analog BBD chorus pedal with an envelope follower. This unique circuit does fantastic chorus and vibrato sounds and can even get into synth territory. There is a footswitch to enable envelop activation, and it can be set to latching or momentary functionality. Level and Blend controls make sure that no matter what kind of rig you are running the Futura melds perfectly with the rest of your signal chain, and the envelope section has switches to determine the rate and depth of the swell direction.

We were the first ones to take a look at this pedal by getting our friends at 60 Cycle Hum to shoot a demo of it inside our NAMM 2019 Stompbox Booth (bottom video in this page). We are glad to see Reverb.com picking it up as well! – Brandon Stoner

See more of our pedal demo shot at NAMM 2019 with 60 Cycle Hum here. We also have a list organized by kind of effect in two pages here and here.

Futura is a full analog effect that features a world of Chorus/Vibrato tones, while giving you an interactivity option with the envelope of your guitar signal. This modulation goddess summons textures far beyond conventional, shimmery classic chorus, vibrato bar bendings, slimy warbles, and even tones resembling the scratching on a vinyl record.

She has two hearts, a BBD chip for the effect processing and an embedded envelope follower circuit, more than a feature, it’s a specialized engine that behaves in a multiparametric fashion, with combinational options interconnected with the LFO’s parameters reacting to your guitar picking, Rate (R), Depth (D), Rate+Depth simultaneously (R+D), And even choosing the direction of each swell (downward or upward).

The blend control was intended to be something special, this ancient self-conscious entity, gave life to this control as a manipulator of space and time, moving this parameter will give you modern and classic chorus tones to distant age vibrato feelings, a broken tape record where nostalgia and dreams are made.

More than a modulation device, it’s an organism that lives as an extension of your creations.

Step Beyond!


LEVEL: Controls the overall output of the pedal.

BLEND: 100% Dry effect to the left, 100% wet to the righ.

RATE: Controls de LFO’s speed.

DEPTH: Controls the intensity of the modulation.


SENSITIVITY: Controls the response to your picking dynamics, more responsive to the right, less to the left. The sensitivity of the envelope will also determine the amount of pitch shifting on the modulation, going from subtle bendings to seasick pulses.

R | R+D | D: Selects which parameters will be affetcted by the envelope follower, Rate, Depth, or Rate + Depth simoultaniousl.

D??: Selects the direction of the envelope swell for the depth control.

R??: Selects the direction of the envelope swell for the rate control.

ENVELOPE: Activate the envelope follower engine and all it’s comprised controls, using this Switch as Momentary or On-Off thanks to our newly designed smart commutator circuit. Now you can access Futura’s second heart with the full blast or subtle touch of your instrument.