New Pedals: Holy Island Tides Reverb > Distortion

1 Song | 4 Sounds: Walrus Audio Polychrome Flanger

The Best Reverb Pedals with Modulation or Fuzz/Distortion

New Pedal: Vaderin Pedals HP-X Harmonic Percolator-style Fuzz

New Pedals: IdiotBox Repo Man Double Delay + Drive

Available for Preoder: Cornerstone Antique Classic Drive V2

New Pedal: FC07 Flamma Drive Mini Overdrive

New Pedal: NativeAudio Kiaayo Overdrive

New Pedals: SolidGoldFX EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo

New Pedals: BOSS MT-2 and DS-1 Anniversary Editions

New Pedal: JDM Pedals Hot Plate Fuzz

All Pedal Slamurai Overdrive Kit