The Best LoFi Guitar Pedals in 2021: Analog & Digital Artifact Simulators

New Pedal: Matthews Effects The Broker Overdrive

New Pedal: Red Witch Empress Deus Stereo Chorus

°red sun fx Grantler High Gain Distortion

Fjord Fuzz Odin V2

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New Pedals: Black Mass Electronics Missionary Fuzz V2

New Pedals: Deep Space Devices Dust Fuzz/Glitch Looper

2021 UPDATE: Best Reverb Pedals with Tremolo | Top Mono & Stereo Effects

New Pedal: Electronic Audio Experiments Dagger V2

New Pedal: Funny Little Boxes 1991 “Pearl Jam” Distortion

New Pedals: EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas Fuzz