Best New FX Pedal Releases | July 2021

Malaise Forever Clubber Lang Fuzz

New Pedals: IK Multimedia X-Drive Multi-Mode Gain Pedal

VS Audio Royal Flush Dual Overdrive

Retroactive Pedals Dot Chaser Cassette-Style Echo with Modulation

Best Big Muff Pedals in 2021: Reissues, Clones & Evolutions

New Pedal: Becos FX Ziffer Overdrive

Best Reverb Pedals with Tremolo in 2021 – Top Mono & Stereo Effects

Warm Audio Jet Phaser

New Pedals: IK Multimedia X-Vibe Stereo Multi-Modulation Pedal

New Pedals: LPD Pedals Embers Klon-inspired Overdrive

2021 UPDATE: Best Multi Reverb Pedals | Stereo and Mono